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salmahaeykWe found this blog called Stuff Educated Chicanos Like | Information on those kids from Aztlan and it’s like it was conceived and written about us here at Pocho, but no.

The blog started in 2008 and hasn’t been updated since 2011, but it still makes us LOL.

(We stole just eight headlines from the original 23 entries for this Pocho Ocho list, so you’ll have to read this post and find the link at the end for the extensive original story.)

¡Mira! Pocho Ocho things educated Chicanos like, with links to POCHO examples:

8. Salma Hayek [Mas…]

morrisseyhollywood(PNS reporting from EAST LOS ANGELES) In Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Two, Morrissey sailed the ocean blue — seeking passage to a special show in Indio.

With a few wrong turns, Morrissey’s tour bus got lost on the freeway, and the British singer and former frontman of The Smiths ended up at a gas station in East Los Angeles.

And it was on this day in history that Morrissey made an awesome discovery: Chicanos.

“They were unlike anything I had ever seen before,” the singer told PNS in an exclusive pre-Hispanic Heritage Month interview. “My life has never been the same since! How can they look into our eyes, and still they don’t believe us?” [Mas…]


I consider myself Latina, close to my family’s Mexican culture; I’m bilingual and I’m happy with that identity. But, more often than not, it seems like everyone else is trying to corral me into some other identity, telling me that mine is not sufficient.

The neighborhood where I live (photos, above) is a perfect example.

It’s split in two: one part of it is gentrifying rapidly, and the other is filled with Mexican and many immigrant families. I where it’s more Mexican, which makes me — in all my professional hipster-ness — stand out sometimes, but people still speak to me in Spanish and often I just become part of the scenery. But then there are other times. [Mas…]

The Walking Dead is a great television series. It has captured that attention of the nation with a human drama centered around less-than-human storylines. But it is not without its own flaws, one of which is the lack of racial diversity on the show.

One of the people I follow on Twitter is Glen Mazzara, the executive producer and one of the writers for The Walking Dead. His Twitter feed usually consists of promos for the show but the other day he posted a link to an article in Slate that criticized the show for only allowing one black guy at a time among the living. The Tweet ? “One Black Guy at a Time.”

The article noted that the show’s only black female character, Michonne, was not allowed to use words to settle conflicts – she always resorts to the sword. Rick, the show’s main character, has used reason to get out of a bad situation on more than one occasion. Why does the black chick always have to be pissed off, silent and bloodthirsty? [Mas…]

Comic Luke Torres loves La Gente: ‘Mexicans 101′ (video)

by CECI ISNOTA PIPE August 24, 2012 Cultura
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Stand-up comedian Luke Torres loves his family and his gente. Does his family seem like yours? RELATED: Luke Torres imagines the Mexican Brady Bunch and other shows


Wikipedia: Please add these Pocho Ocho ethnic slurs for Mexicans

by Especial Correspondents August 9, 2012 Cultura
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Can’t get no respect, not even from Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia offers a comprehensive entry on ethnic slurs: Bad names for Italians? Wikipedia is right there with Dago, Goombah, Greaseball, Guido, Guinea and Wop. Wikipedia offers a shoutout to the Jews: Hymie, Kike, Mocky, Hebe and Sheeny. African-Americans? Wikipedia has you covered: Coon, Crow, Boogie, […]


Xican@ Space Odyssey: Lance Liberty reports for 101.3 Honest Radio

by Juaquin Murrieta July 23, 2012 Cultura
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It is sometime in the near future. Laws have been set in motion to protect the American Homeland. Your freedom and sanity are at stake. Oh, and your jobs. I forgot about your jobs. And your beautifully domesticated wives and children. You pay your taxes, yet you feel one-upped. Lied to. I know. I have […]


Pocho Ocho tips for Latino astronauts (like José Hernández)

by Al Carlos Hernandez March 27, 2012 Cultura
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So you want to follow José Hernández into outer espace as a Latino astronaut? Here’s our handy list of tips for a safe and successful mission: 8. Do not order the all-bean burrito for lunch. 7. When you fly over my house, wave or else people will think you’re stuck up. 6. Make a mean […]