gutierrezRepresentative Luis V. Gutierrez (D-ILL), who fights for the American dream as a Member of Congress representing Chicago, thinks we’ve got

  • A Pope, Francis, and an
  • Anti-Pope, the Donald.

He explained it all on the floor of the House of Representatives, using popular movie tropes and big photographs: [Mas…]

sanchezwhoopDemocratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, from Orange County, put her foot in her mouth on Saturday, and she used her hand to do it.

In a speech to Indian American Democrats, she whooped up an “American Indian war cry.”

She was confused, she told a group of Indian American at a party convention in Anaheim, about an upcoming meeting with an Indian American.

“I am going to his office,” she said, “thinking that I am going to meet with a” — then she put her hand over mouth and made the noise that is the stereotypical imitation of a American Indian war cry. “Right? … because he said Indian American.” [Mas…]


garcia-pick(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON, D.C.) A close look at a recent C-SPAN video reveals that Florida Democratic Congressman Joe Garcia, Jr. picked his ear wax and ate it on live TV, a Cuban folkloric ritual rarely seen outside Miami’s Cuban-American community.

La Ceremonia de la Cera del Oído can be traced to a curandero who lived in Guantanamera, Cuba around 1750 or so,” University of Miami Professor of Anthropology Freso “Biff” del Blanco told PNS.

“By eating the ear wax in public, the eater hopes to symbolically ingest and consume all that he is hearing through his ears, to better understand the cacophony of voices in his head.” [Mas…]


clintoncastro(PNS reporting from SAN ANTONIO) Hillary Clinton formally announced her candidacy for President Sunday night, and PNS has learned San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro will be her running mate.

“Latinos are the ‘in’ thing — and Hillary knows that — she’s never been one to ignore what’s in vogue,” a source close to the campaign told PNS.

“Plus, all those Latino votes!” [Mas…]

wenddavissneakers(PNS reporting from AUSTIN) Local “birthers” have temporarily put aside their doubts about Pres. Barack Obama’s citizenship to a focus on a question closer to home:

Is Texas State Senator Wendy Davis – a Democratic candidate for governor – a secret Latina?

They assert that Davis is the Anglo version of Juana; that Davis was born into a Mexican family in Oklahoma, and after successfully using her heritage and gender to get into Harvard Law School, she descended on the Lone Star State to reclaim Texas for Aztlán.

Davis gained national attention in June with a filibuster against a Republican bill to severely restrict abortions (while wearing sneakers.) She officially announced her candidacy on October 3.

“There’s no way a real Texan, would be on the side of Latinos in this state — haven’t you been paying attention?” asked Mary Jones, founder of the North Texas Tea Party Patriots, who is also an Obama birther.

“The truth is that we don’t know the truth. She could be a secret Aztlanist who’s been ‘passing’ all this time, we just don’t know, all we’re doing is asking the question.” [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from OAKLAND) “Are you planning on voting Tuesday, brah?” Dale Mendoza scrunched his eyes shut behind his dark sunglasses as he concentrated on his phone call with a potential voter in Arkansas.

“This election is critical, OK, and we totally need your vote.” Mendoza (photo, left) was the team leader of two dozen phone bank volunteers in a basement office in this Northern California city, possible the country’s most pot-friendly municipality.

The smoke-filled room is a California outpost of Toke the Vote, a coalition of pro-marijuana political activists backed by the Zig-Zag cigarette papers company and ConAgra’s Screaming Yellow Zonkers snack products. [Mas…]

Pocho Ocho reasons Latinos weren’t turned on by political conventions

by Elise Roedenbeck September 11, 2012 El Now
Thumbnail image for Pocho Ocho reasons Latinos weren’t turned on by political conventions

The political conventions are finally over and the poll results are in: Latinos don’t really care. How can this be!? The Democrats saw the GOP’s Rubio and raised them two Castros! To help our political friends understand, here are the Pocho Ocho reasons Latino voters were not turned on by the conventions: 8. No piñatas […]


Bill Clinton’s Pocho Ocho best lines in his speech to the DNC

by REINCE IPSA LOCO September 6, 2012 El Now
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Former President Bill Clinton’s speech Wednesday to the Democratic Convention was long (48 minutes), complex and filled with facts and arithmetic — maybe too long and filled, although girth is as important as length according to the email we get here. As a public service, therefore, and sanitized for your protection, we present the Pocho […]


Where is the youth enthusiasm for Obama 2012? (Daily Show video)

by Andalé Mono May 8, 2012 El Now
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These darn kids today with their hoodies and Google Goggles and personal jetpacks — are they as excited about this year’s presidential election as they were in 2008? The Daily Show’s Senior Latino Correspondent Al Madrigal went to Virginia Commonwealth University to investigate.