cryingindianAmerica’s favorite (crying) Indian actor, Iron Eyes Cody, was actually born Espera Oscar de Corti in rural Louisiana in 1904. His parents, Antonio de Corti and Francesca Salpietra, had emigrated from Sicily just a few years before.

After his non-Native history was revealed late in his career, Iron Eyes Cody refused to admit the truth and continued to wear his braided wig, headdress, and moccasins, and never stopped his support of Native Americans. [Mas…]




aztectricksterIn these troubled times, God[ess] knows, we could use some help from indigenous, culturally-appropriate deities.

Here are the Pocho Ocho top Aztec gods we could sure use today:

8. Chingilipochtli, god of payback

7. Guautemoc, god of amazement and wonder

6. Spocktezuma, god of living long and prospering tambien [Mas…]


Popcorn — palomitas de maíz — was discovered-invented-perfected in Peru circa 4700 BCE, the very first domesticated corn product. Watch how the corn pops, up close and personal.

From Chicago to the Bronx, Rebel Diaz makes music that fights racism and celebrates indigenous people. Is there something familiar about this song’s chorus? I’m An Alien includes a sample from Sting’s Englishman in New York.

In the high desert of the Peruvian Andes, the descendants of the Inca form a human chain to perform the Chaccu, the ritual round-up and shearing of the wild vicuña.

Here’s the latest from Mexican alt.rockers Café Tacvba AKA Café Tacuba. It’s all about the waves, dude. ¡Mira the waves!

(PNS reporting from SAN JOSE) Johnny Ramírez had a huge confession to make to his Pre-Columbian Latin American history class last week. The summer he spent in Barcelona really changed him, the San Jose State junior told his fellow students during section.

“I always felt this pressure to be true to my indígena Aztec roots, you know? Even though me — and well my parents and grandparents, too — were all born right here in California, I always wanted to honor my family’s real roots,” the well-known Latino campus activist said. (Ramirez, right, was photographed at an immigrants’ rights march last May Day.)

When he was in Barcelona, he said, he realized that he had Spanish blood, too, and it wasn’t something to be ashamed of — but proud. He has a cousin, Juanita, who has hazel eyes, so obviously his family has Spanish blood, too. [Mas…]

Rick Bayless is National Council of La Raza’s ‘Mexican of the Year’

by Santino J. Rivera September 21, 2012 Cultura
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(PNS reporting from GRINGOLANDIA) After being awarded the prestigious Order of the Aztec Eagle by the Mexican government in June, culinary guru and TV star Rick Bayless has been selected by the National Council of La Raza as their 2012 Mexican of Year. “Generalissimo” Bayless (as he has been dubbed by NPR’s Scott Simon), famed for […]


Guns, drugs, a plane – three men on ‘La Cañada (The Cliff)’ [video]

by Comic Saenz August 18, 2012 Cultura
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La Cañada (The Cliff) A film by Carlo Corea. Spanish with English subtitles (Spanish dialog NSFW if people at work don’t like Spanish adult language.) Emilio and Nicolás, two drug dealers, are filling up their private plane with packages of cocaine in the Mexican mountains when a peasant stumbles into their operation. The Indio asks […]


Rockin’ Los Angeles Oaxacan marching band style (video)

by EDUARDO BURRO August 2, 2012 Cultura
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Click, watch and share for 91 seconds of pure musical joy! If you can, listen real loud and/or with headphones for the amazing live sound recording and KILLER tuba playing! (That’s actually a Sousaphone, a modified tuba that wraps around the player’s body and is specially-designed for marching bands.) This Oaxacan marching band heralded the […]


LaChata’s Music Box: Aztlan Underground’s newest video ‘Our Nature’

by La Chata April 20, 2012 Cultura
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With love from LaChata: For 20 years, Aztlan Underground has presented an evolution of consciousness intertwined with pre-Colombian thoughts, feelings and sounds. In a search for the other — the unknown — Aztlan Underground gives birth to a visceral sound that challenges listeners. Check out their new, visually-stunning music video Our Nature. It starts with […]


Mayan Doomsday (the video): ’2012 The Mayan Word’

by OBEAH JUAN XENOBE March 24, 2012 Cultura
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Here’s a novel idea: Why not ask some Mayans about the impending apocalypse? Undercurrents Alternative News did just that in 2012 The Mayan Word. In Spanish and English with English subtitles, this hour-long documentary takes a look at the impending death and obliteration of the world as we know it and beginning of our glorious […]