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This toon originally appeared in the San Diego Free Press. Gracias!

First Donald Trump told Univision’s Jorge Ramos to “Go back to Univision!” and then a Trump supporter was more explicit. “Get out of my country!” he told Ramos.

We’re with Ramos. Don’t mess with Jorge! [Mas…]

pochoquestPOCHO Migrant Editor Al Madrigal gets some help from POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz and POCHO Associate Naranjero Gustavo Arellano as he tries to understand what it means to be half-Mexican in America. [Mas…]

alcoconutPOCHO Migrant Editor Al Madrigal’s epic quest for identity — Half Like Me — debuts on FUSION next Thursday.

Coconut Madrigal (white inside, brown outside) knew turning an intensely personal journey into a docu-comedy wouldn’t be one easy trick, but he never anticipated what happened next.

“I set out to dial down my pocho level from a ten to a five,” he told POCHO in a text message Tuesday night, “and ultimately something much greater and unexpected happened. I ended up not giving a shit.”

“I encourage others to try it, feels great.”

Al got some help from three mostly-reliable sources:


Jorge Ramos, of Univision and FUSION, says there is but one moral choice for America: We have to treat child refugees like the children they are — with love.

twocastersIt’s no surprise to us Pochodores — it’s why we started POCHO.COM:

Actual research reveals more and more U.S. Latinos are getting their ñews in Ingles — ñews from respected journalists like brothers Jorge Cooper-Ramos (right), and Anderson Ramos-Cooper (left.)

OK, sometimes Latinos get their ñews from Gustavo Almadovar live in the O.C., but not lately.

Meanwhile, Univision is leading in the July ratings wars with the most viewers under 50, the first time a Spanish-language network topped the charts. [Mas…]

Those vendidos at Univision‘s Espanish subtitling department are lying Cubanos and they hate Mexicans like me. That is the ONLY EXPLANATION I have for the way they translated my remarks for my Espanish-speaking friends.

Here is what I really said:

So-called transcript: But the truth is as you know my dad was born of American parents living in Mexico.

Correct subtitle: YO SER MEXI-MORMON GUERO

The immigration system, I think we all agree, is broken and it’s been a political football for years. MEXICANOS DEBER EL SELF-DEPORTO [Mas…]

Pocho Ocho reasons Romney appeared so ‘dark’ on Univision

by Especial Correspondents September 20, 2012 El Now
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The Internets are buzzing with questions about about Gov. Mitt Romney’s appearance on last night’s Univision forum live from Miami. Digerati are confused about what he said AND how he looked. POCHO’s Campaign Team 2012 was online all night handling their news sources to find the Pocho Ocho reasons the candidate looked so dark-skinned: 8. […]


The Mitt Romney is on Univisión’s hot seat drinking game

by María Purísima September 19, 2012 El Now
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GOP Presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney will be in the hot seat on Univisión at 7PM PDT tonight. Anchors Jorge Ramos and María Elena Salinas will ask him questions in Spanish, and Latino wannabe Romney will respond in English. It’s an ideal time to bust out your Arpaio Viejo™ Tequila for a drinking game! Every […]