“Instant karma’s gonna get you,” John Lennon sang. This is true in both Brazil and San Bernardino County.


Chilling black and white documentary footage from Spain shows how a thoughtful gesture by a scarecrow becomes the scarecrow’s literal undoing. But oh mama, could this really be The End?

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A pocho and a gabacho’s fine bromance runs into a hitch when their time-honored dispute resolution process — the game of rock-paper-scissors — involves a girl. Wesley Rodriguez’ La Piedra, made this summer in a single day, was the winner of the University of Florida 24-Hour Film Festival.

YouTube user Karma Fairuth is really getting sick and tired of your complaining about how you are always a victim and “Oh, poor you!” and suggests you move past the negative energy and begin building a better future for yourself. (NSFW language.) There’s more Karma on Facebook.