Knock Knock. All the Christian missionary at the front door wants to know is if they have a few minutes to talk about “Our Lord and Savior.” Knock Knock.  But no one ever expects the lesbian inquisition. Video by German Torres. [NSFW language.]

Cuban-American Diana Yanez says Mexican-Americans seem startled when she points out she has a big Cuban culo. Miami Spanglish, as it turns out, is different from Los Angeles Spanglish, but mothers are the same everywhere you go. [Adult language.]


The Supremes are all about the gays and we say My my hey hey! Equality is here to stay! Here are the pocho ocho reasons why:

8. Mom, Dad: I was born this guey!

7. I want to hold your hand

6. It’s a lucrative business opportunity [Mas…]

(PNS reporting from EAST LOS ANGELES)  María de Luz Guzmán Villa had a disturbing realization this week: being a lesbian in grad school does not make her more like the Mexican icon Frida Kahlo.

Like many others, Guzmán Villa first experimented with trying to be like Frida, especially her lesbian tendencies, after her first Intro to Chicano Studies course at Cal State L.A.

But instead of giving up her fascination upon graduation, she gave up her boyfriend César and applied to grad school. [Mas…]

They’re here, they’re queer. Oh dear! ;-) (Potentially NSFW depending.)

(PNS reporting from LA FLORIDA) Shocking allegations that Florida Lieutenant Governor and Mitt Romney supporter Jennifer Carroll had a torrid lesbian affair with a Latina staffer has political wonks declaring the 2012 Romney campaign the “Gayest Presidential Campaign Ever.*”

The Carroll controversy comes on the heels of the scandalous Spanish-language Craig Romney commercial, in which the flamboyant lad clearly states, “Hola. Soy Craig Romney. Quiero decirles que homo es mi padre, Mitt Romney, ” which translates as “I want to tell you how homo is my father, Mitt Romney.

Inadvertently, the strapping young Romney also confirmed long-held suspicions about his own sexuality by merely appearing on camera.

Combined with the romantic revelations about former Arizona Romney Campaign Co-Chair Sheriff Paul Babeu’s undocumented male lover, this raises the 2012 Romney Gaydar Threat Level from Luscious Lavender to Flaming Red Hot! [Mas…]

Those eyebrows, that hair, those monkeys. Happy birthday Frida Kahlo! We celebrate your awesome influence on our pocho lives by listing the top eight ways you’ve influenced us.

8. Made us think we, too, could be an artist. After all, she painted her own reality, right?

7. Inspired us to stop plucking your eyebrows. Or maybe you just didn’t feel like a chola anymore.

6. Helped us fall in love. If Frida could love a crazy fat man like Diego Rivera, surely the love of your life — and his panza — are worth the ride, too! [Mas…]

Mexclusive: ‘Google Doodle’ honors Frida Kahlo’s 105th birthday!

by Rigo Deveras July 6, 2012 Cultura
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(PNS reporting from SILICON VALLEY) In honor of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s 105th birthday Friday, Google is featuring a special Google Doodle commemorating her contributions to international art. Born on July 6, 1907, Kahlo was a surrealist painter and smoker who is best known for her brilliant self-portraits, her tragic life and her stormy relationships […]


A message from our sponsor: Gays for hire at RentALatino!

by Gabacho Borracho May 10, 2012 Cartoons
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Now that President Obama has put his personal seal of approval on marriage for gays and lesbians, our sponsor wants to get the word out about their newest service. Won’t you give ‘em some some unbiased sponsor-love and check out RentALatino’s offer?


Dear Abuelita: Gay for a day, my 34C boobs, a career in modeling

by Dear Abuelita May 2, 2012 Cultura
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Dear Abuelita, I wear a 34C bra. My boyfriend is always scoping out girls with bigger boobs. Should I get implants? Titi Caca Dear Titi Caca, Here’s what you need to do: Tell your boyfriend to look in the mirror the next time he wants to see a big boob then dump the pendejo. As […]


Home from my Mexican holiday, I feel like ‘a bad Mexican’

by Especial Correspondents January 13, 2012 Cultura
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I spent my two-week New Year’s vacation with family in Mexico. When I got back to L.A. I felt like I had crossed a finish line and, thankfully, made it back safe and sound. My trip was not really over, though. Everyone at work and in my life was curious. “How was it?” people asked, waiting […]


‘Mom, Dad – I was born this guey’

by Comic Saenz January 6, 2012 Cultura
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It took Mark a long time to screw up the courage to talk about it with his parents, but finally, thank God, finally, he was ready. He sat them down on the couch and pulled up a chair. “Mom, Dad,” he said, “I have something to tell you.”