feypalinYou don’t lift sanctions.

You crack down on their assets.

You cut off their oil and drill, baby, drill for our own.

We don’t retreat. We reload against any foe daring to test us.

And that is what Iran just did.

So, Congress, you got to kill the deal. The president is playing you. He so disrespects you, Congress, and our Constitution, that he won’t even bring you the treaty. [Mas…]

trumpheadroomIt’s not true that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump only represents the extreme wing or “crazies” of the GOP. As a leader in numerous polls, Trump exemplifies the true colors of the GOP: xenophobic, mean-spirited and pro one-percent.

Despite how the other GOP presidential candidates or Republican leadership view him or distance themselves from his vitriolic language, Trump’s boorish behavior and disdain towards Latino immigrants represents the Republican party’s political platform.

While Republican leaders have acknowledged that it’s impossible or not feasible to deport over 11 million undocumented immigrants, they have rejected a pathway to citizenship for those who live and work in America’s shadows. In lieu of citizenship, key Republican leaders propose a form of legal status without the opportunity for citizenship. Essentially, Republican leaders argue for a legalized, second-class group available for exploitable cheap labor. [Mas…]



Orale! It’s the Yeb Bush Cinco de Drinko Game (video)

by Celina Martinez May 5, 2015 Cultura

Many politically conscious Chicanos are looking for yet another alternative way to Celebrate Cinco de Drinko but still protest the ahistorical consumer appropriation of a battle that is meaningless to most Mexicans. Well, Jeb Bush (aka el Yeb according to his Mexican compadres) has provided us with a warm video message of solidarity this Fifth […]


Breaking the Ñews: Massive immigration caused California drought

by Comic Saenz May 5, 2015 El Now
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Where has all the water gone? Screw your liberal “climate change” answer that’s really a code word so-called “progressives” use to steal from people who work for a living instead of sucking Obamacare’s socialist welfare titties. Where has all of California’s water gone? It’s the immigrants, stupid! Victor David Hanson reports for the National Review:


New Ted Cruz campaign ad warns it may be ‘too late’

by Comic Saenz April 1, 2015 Cartoons
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GOP presidential wannabe Saint Ted Cruz is on fire (photo)

by Especial Correspondents March 31, 2015 El Now
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Hail, Senator, full of crap. Special art thou among pendejos. Photo via imgur.