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School’s out, summer’s in. Where you going for vacation? Huh? We asked you a question!

OK then.  Be that way. Two can play that game. Here’s our list of the Pocho Ocho worst possible vacation destinations:

8. Community service. Were you volunteered? Court-ordered? Did your mom rope you into it? Whether it’s babysitting bratty kids at church or painting over graffiti-ed walls that will be covered in new graffiti by the next morning, there’s nothing quite like serving your community.

7. The public pool. Why such a drag? Probably because it’s about 60% chlorine and 40% other peoples’ urine. Swim away!

6. Your family’s rancho in the old country. No running water, no AC, no TP, you may not speak the language, no TV, no Internet, your relatives laugh at you behind your back — or to your face — and you have no escape until your parents come back for you.

5. Sleeping under a cactus with your tío. What? Do Mexicans not do that anymore? [Mas…]

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Happy End of Slavery Day. Enjoy your new shackles!

Arizona’s notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio tried to save his flailing career with an arrest of a six-year-old cartel leader, GOP nominee wannabe Mitt Romney totally tripped over his tootsies again, the Nutmeg State joined the future for lonche with the approval of Medical Menudo (MM),  Adidas stepped in it big time with their slavery-themed sneakers and Facebook gave everyone a new finger.

These POCHO stories broke the news this week. We’ve got the links and more: [Mas…]


Cártel de Elmo de Los Cookie Monster Ganga is notorious for its brutal den and kitchen invasion robberies according to Arpaio

(PNS reporting from SESAME STREET) On the same day that President Obama announced an immigration policy that will make it easier for young undocumented immigrants to remain in Los United Estates, Arizona’s numero uno douchebag, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, announced the arrest of a six-year-old girl suspected of leading the infamous Cártel de Elmo de Los Cookie Monster Ganga.

The Arizona Bugle reported that the girl was with 15 other cartel members who were traveling to the Midwest and northeast United States. Also arrested: Big Bird, Mr. Snuffleupagus, Prairie Dawn, Curly Bear, Bert, Grover and Guy Smiley. According to Chris Hegstrom, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, this is the “single biggest cartel bust” in Maricopa County history.

And even though the girl was old enough to get arrested, she was not old enough to have her name released, according to Hegstrom. “This is huge for us and for Joe – just huge. Arpaio is an expert when it comes to sleuthing dangerous things…like children and phony birth certificates.”


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(PNS reporting from MEXICO) The international community is celebrating the news this week that the crew of Mexico’s Barriosphere research station made limited progress in its search for signs of intelligent life in Maricopa County, AZ. The Mexican-manned mission to Maricopa launched from a secret base in Chihuahua in May 2009 and landed in the unforgiving wasteland of Prescott, AZ  after a grueling journey that lasted four months.

Upon touching down, Barriosphere’s Captain Ivan Cometa-Kosdepoyo commemorated the historic moment with the immortal phrase, “The illegal has landed.” [Mas…]


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Pocho Ocho unsolved mysteries

by Bronco del Camino March 3, 2012 Cultura
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Now that  Sheriff Joe Arpaio has evidence there’s something uppity with Pres. Barack Obama’s birth certificate, what’s next on his unsolved mysteries list? 8.  Star Trek crewmen in red shirts who die early in the episode are also wearing pink chonies, but the Liberal Hollywood Establishment covers this up. 7. Every time you install a [...]


Meet the Latinos who love Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

by Lalo Alcaraz March 2, 2012 El Now
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On Sunday, newsman Jorge Ramos confronted Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Univision’s Al Punto and told Joe he was the face of racism to U.S. Latinos. The much-maligned Maricopa County cop wouldn’t have any of that. “How do you know they don’t like me?” he replied. ” They love me!” It’s really true, because we found a lot of [...]


Daniel D. Portado invites you to Hispanics for Romney AZ rally

by Xapi Trailes February 28, 2012 El Now
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(PNS reporting from ARIZONA) GOP wannabe Mitt Romney’s Hispanic outreach coordinator Daniel D. Portado, the militant self-deportationist, wants you to stop by the big campaign rally today after you vote for Mitt. Meet your favorite Latino-loving politicians like Gov. Jan Brewer, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Sheriff Paul Babeu.


Razaphobic AZ judge just says ‘nein’ to Mexican-American Studies

by Lalo Alcaraz December 28, 2011 Cartoons
Thumbnail image for Razaphobic AZ judge just says ‘nein’ to Mexican-American Studies

Arizona has made it illegal to be brown in their state, now that a judge has ruled that it is illegal to think brown. Tucson Unified School District’s Mexican-American Studies Department has lost an appeal before a Razaphobic judge and faces the complete dismantling of their academic program. Mexican-American Studies educates brown and non-brown children, but [...]


Arpaio or Paterno: Which Juan is it?

by Lalo Alcaraz December 18, 2011 Cartoons
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Which one? Sex-crime cases prompt calls for Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to quit Penn State trustees fire Joe Paterno Is it time for Sheriff Joe to go? Is this the last straw? Tell us in the comments!