Un mensaje importante de Bernardo Sánchez, Bernie Sanders’ Mexican hermano. He’s Catholic. He’s Jewish. He’s a Cashjew. He’s NSFW.

And what would Bernie TV be without Larry David’s SNL sketch Bern Your Enthusiasm: [Mas…]

This groovy instrumental featuring a Hammond organ, very much in the late 1960s early 1970s Green Onions and Shotgun groove, is from the The Brown Brothers of Soul. It’s called Ese Cholo. [Mas…]

Face it, brown is the new black. Today’s example? Japanese cholas!


Frost (the artist formerly known as Kid Frost) was tired of dudes just gettin’ over on La Raza when he released this classic Chicano rap track in 1990.

Yo, Abeuelita, sup?
In my wayward youth I was a gangbanger and have the bullet wounds, knife scars and tats to prove it. But those days are over and I’m now a legally-employed husband and dad with two kids.

The shorties are getting big enough to where they will soon begin to ask me questions about these things and I don’t know what exactly to say. What did you tell your kids about your tattoos and bullet wounds (if you have any?)
Signed: X Loco 

Dear X Loco,
Thank your lucky estrella tattoos I didn’t know you as a gangbanger chavalon otherwise you’d have a lot more wounds to explain. Don’t worry, I’m not going to smack you across the coco with an Abuelita Reality Chancla for anything you’ve done in the past. It appears you’ve had your share of hard knocks as it is.

Kids aren’t stupid, eventually they will dig up some old MySpace page with photos of you and your homies showing off your bullet wounds and tattoos. [Mas…]

On the Internet, where kittehs are king, how can an activist vato get the same attention as a cute little gato? With an activist cat, of course. See the full-sized images by San Francisco artist Rio Yanez right here: [Mas…]

The Vatos’ discussion of the finer points of football jersey fashion lead them to consider Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven and the stereotypes implicit in identification with the Raiders’ Nation. Nevermore, ese!

The Price Is Right game show and a public service announcement inspire the Hey Vato! couch potatoes Smiley (left, in the bandanna) and Chuy to reconsider their personal policies on spaying and neutering their pets, and, in a broader, more holistic sense, their life priorities. (NSFW language.)

A pocho love triangle: My wife, my Pendleton and me

by Al Carlos Hernandez March 29, 2012 Cultura
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A Pendleton is a warm plaid flannel shirt, part of  the uniform worn by old-style pachucos, vatos locos, and a few retro cholo/homeboys. The shirt, if you are Culturally Chicano, irrespective of weather, is always worn buttoned to the top — no matter what. To complicate matters, the Pendleton has to be worn with a […]


Help! I’ve fallen in my chanclas and I can’t get up!

by Al Carlos Hernandez March 19, 2012 Cultura
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It was a family tradition, no doubt rooted in the dark recesses of cholo vato loco-ism, for my sons and me to wear the cheapest-imaginable black Rite Aid $9.95 house shoes. They were cotton corduroy, black with ridges at the top. On the bottom there was a flat layer of black foamy stuff which puppies […]


Ñewsweek: Super Taco Tuesday, mujeres and media mensos

by Comic Saenz March 11, 2012 El Now
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POCHO’s favorite candidate, the mariachi-like Mexican Mitt Romney, scored the combo plate of election success in the Super Taco Tuesday primaries but fellow Republican Rush Limbaugh stepped in a big pile of slut when he opened his fat mouth. Dear Rush: Are you finished? Then wipe yourself! Here are some of the stories that made […]


Smokey the Cholo Video Blog: ‘Guess who is a Mexican!’ (NSFW)

by Comic Saenz March 10, 2012 Cartoons
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Smokey the Cholo, a veterano from East Los with his own video blog, shares his cultural knowledge — Guess you didn’t know so-and-so is a Mexican! — and plenty of, uhm, atmosphere. From Raul Aguirre, Jr. (NSFW language, cannabis.)