Red-headed Frida wants to triumph in lucha libre but she needs to find some inner strength first, not to mention her secret ingredient.


The match doesn’t always end at the bell, because in Lucha Libre, wrestlers never rest.


LUCHA!: Nineteen-second cartoon — one scene with a shocking ending.

Jesus drinks Corona, of course, and tacos, taquitos and burritos are on the menu in this painting of the Last Fiesta by Pale Horse, a fine art illustrator. Who is that drinking Tecate?

Pale Horse writes:

The Last Fiesta’ is my 12-skateboard deck shout-out to Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ with Jesus Christos and his 12 Luchador apostles getting down one last time. This piece was created for my solo exhibit Saints & Sinners, here at the Pale Horse Studio. Hand-made shadow box by Casey Paquet.


We don’t know what to say about this surveillance video from Mexico other than beware of pinche ostriches! Maybe you pochos can explain it in the comments section below!